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Express Personal Web Page and FTP Hosting Form
A personal web and ftp space provides you 10MB of personal storage for HTML files, graphic files, documents, etc. This service is only available to The-OnRamp.Net subscribers. FrontPage2000 Server extensions are not supported at this time. We will give you a default page called default.htm and it will look like the Jane Doe sample page, and we will send you instructions when you complete this online application form. 
Please refer to the Web Hosting information and Terms and Policies regarding a personal web page. If you require more than what a personal web page provides please fill out the Web Hosting Application Form.

Please complete the following form and click the Submit button. This application will be received by our staff and reviewed. You will receive a copy of this application at the current email address provided. Please email support@the-onramp.net or call (775) 623-1223 or (888) 210-8688 if you need to change or modify your request. Please do not submit another application unless requested to do so.
Contact Name (first, last)
Home Telephone Number

(e.g. 775-625-1010. Area code if needed)
Current Email Address

(e.g. you@the-onramp.net)
Brief Description of Website

(e.g. for family photo album, pictures, documents.)
Virtual Directory Name
1 to 8 characters or numbers
Services WWW FTP Enable Directory Listing

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