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The-OnRamp.Net Advantage

We are the best Internet Service Provider in Northern Nevada because of the following....
and these are just a few of the main reasons why you should choose us over our competitors.

Competitive Service Plans

We offer very competitive internet services from Internet Dialup to Web hosting, Web Development, Network services, Email, and Domain Name services services. 

5 days a week support

Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm

No other dialup provides that level of service and support.
Fastest Modems V.90 56K

We operate the fastest modem hardware and code technology. We upgrade continually to support newer modems and continue to be backwards compatible for older computers and modems.
Email Servers

We own and manage our own email post office and offer extra email boxes, listgroups, and email tools like finger, etc. Our postmaster team is very efficient with handling your mail and helping you keep your email programs up-to-date.
Domain Name Servers

We own and manage locally
our own DNS servers.
This means less time for you to find out why a website is not available because we can find out why very fast with out our test tools and servers.
Windows 2000 Web Hosting

Offering dedicated and shared web hosting services, FrontPage 2002 Extensions, FTP Services, Web Site Statistics, and staff who are web developers who know how to make sure your websites are fast and efficient.
Wireless Connections

We offer high-speed wireless internet access to anyone and everyone that can see Winnemucca Mountain from their residence.
Network Monitoring Svc

We provide and offer Network monitoring and management services so you can be alert by email, pager, alpha pager when your network, routers, website, email servers, and other network devices are not operating or properly working.
Website Statistics 

Website statistics are important to know who is looking at your site, etc. The Who, When, Where, Why, How Long, etc.  We offer the best web hosting statistics tools from Media House. This is included in your hosting service.
Improvement via Feedback

 We can only improve if we get good and timely feedback. That is why we offer an anonymous feedback system where your opinions are received.


No Hidden Fees or Charges. 

We don't charge you for each and every change you would like in your service. We are happy to just keep you are satisfied and getting access to the Internet.
Feedback Support

You can always get some one to help if our offices are closed. Our dedicated staff is always around and online to see your online feedback. We'll verify the problem, fix it, and call you.
Satellite Cache Server 

We provide faster content to you because we feed you Internet data via satellite and T1 networks. This is a seamless solution that provides you with two ways to get to the Internet through The-OnRamp.Net.
Credit Card Payment 

We accept credit card payments using two different secure transaction methods. One, you can make payment yourself, or two, you can give us your credit card information and we can process your payment for you.
Web Cam Live

Whether you are local or far away, you can always get a picture of Winnemucca mountain through our web cam. You can see what the weather looks like and see whether or not we are enjoying some sunshine, rain or snow.
and the list goes on... and on.

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